NB Finishing
NB Finishing
Repair Capabilities

selective brush plating

We repair localized damage on your critical components while they remain in your plant or at a specific field location. selective brush plating repairs are permanent and are warrantied the same as the initial OEM.

We offer the unique on-site Selective Brush Plating (SBP) process for repeating worn bearing bores in the frames of printing and punch press equipment.  This process is also ideal for corrosion, wear resistance, and electrical conductivity (Au & Ag). NB / Grind Rite Finishing serves the printing, coating, hydraulic, and other industries for over 35 years.

Variety of Plate Coating 

Chrome | Electro-less Nickel | Silver | Gold | Zinc | Cadmium | Cobalt | Bronze 

Variety of Metalized coatings 

Stainless Steel | Bronze | Ceramic (Chromium oxide) Brass | Carbide  

HVOF Chromium Carbide